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Underage Gambling

Underage Gambling

At you MUST be 18 years of age or older to play at any of our online casinos. The age limit will vary depending on which country the user resides, our listed casinos enforce your local gambling age limits with utmost interest in the well being of minors. We don’t believe that blackjack or any other gambling sporting game is appropriate for those not of legal age. Lotteries and gambling are not child’s play or something to be taken lightly. It is critical for young adolescents to understand the implications, risks and dangers of gambling online. We fully support all state agencies that team up against underage gambling. doesn’t want kids to risk encountering permanent criminal charges on their record. It is imperative that you realize that underage gambling is a serious crime that can possibly land you hefty fines and a temporary loss of your driver’s license. This of course, depends upon the state statute where you reside. It’s tempting for teens to want to access gambling online, but it’s definitely not the smartest move. Laws and restrictions are set up for a reason, and statistics show that young adolescents are in a higher risk bracket for experiencing gaming addiction. The State Department of Human Services has compiled a study that reported that 1 out of 25 teens in the U.S. already has an existing gambling problem. Poker and blackjack games in particular fall into the most popular top three addictive games for teens. Many parents are blind to the fact that their kids are online gambling for money, until it’s too late and a debt has been accumulated. Gambling can drain bank accounts and secret online gaming addictions can devastate parents and family members. Boys are 10 times more likely to have a gambling problem than girls, according to statistics.

We take all accounts of underage gambling seriously and will not hesitate to report these individuals to the property authorities. Gambling underage can have negative outcomes and allowing minors to play adult gambling games is not good for business. Teen risk takers will find that if they try and roll the dice, we won’t be nice! Our business reputation is on the line and it’s not just a game to us. will wager that any online casino that willfully hosts a poker, blackjack, or other gambling game to an underage person is risking not only their gaming license, but criminal charges as well. Kids may be able to play slot machines at home with grandma, but they won’t play here. Gambling is much like a piece of chewing gum stuck to a seat. If you know it’s there, but you put your hand in it anyway; you could be in for a wad of trouble and a rather unsightly sticky situation.

Preventing underage gambling has always been one of our top priorities and we work with all of our listed online casinos to ensure that this never occurs. Parents need to play an active role in deterring kids from gambling while introducing them to other activities. The National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG) can help parents with this endeavor by providing tips for parents on how to communicate the dangers of gambling to their children.

Open up the lines of communication so that you can prevent future gambling and risky game betting behaviors. Keeping your credit cards on lockdown will also help deter kids from signing up for an account with online casinos in your name.

You don’t see kids playing slot machines at the casino or betting at the race track and the rules are no different online. Teens tend to me more impulsive and sometimes emotionally charged, that is why kids and gambling are not a good mix.

Finally, we want to encourage that you set a good example for your children by not introducing gambling habits that might influence them in a negative way. When it comes to online gaming, don’t send your teens mixed messages by telling them that gambling is bad and then play an online blackjack game right in front of them.

Losing your teen to the virtual world of online gaming can be downright scary. Many lives have been ruined because of excessive gambling, so we urge parents to remain vigilant about internet activity and keep their kids out of online blackjack rooms. In our eyes, signing up for a fake blackjack account is like sneaking in the back door of a casino.

In short, unlawful underage gambling is not tolerated at If you’re not of legal age, don’t bet. If you use the resources listed on our site for committing illegal gambling; you as the player, are fully responsible for your actions. is not liable for any fines or criminal action taken in response to gambling underage. Please note that we also do not cater or promote our site in any way to minors. Gaming violations are serious business and we pride ourselves on being a reputable blackjack resource website to players of legal age requirements.